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What is church? A place to go? A time on Sunday morning? We're looking to reclaim an identity of church--that being a community of people sharing God's love with the world.

We believe that together, with the help of God's love, we can establish meaningful community and share hope with one another. Rethink Church exists to share stories of how that's happening--even now. We're excited for you to become part of our hopeful community, too.

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The Welcoming Prayer is an invitation

New to the UMC?

Welcoming Prayer: The spiritual interruption your day needs

The Welcoming Prayer helps us connect to the Divine through the ordinary activities of our day.

When we question if we really want to be Christian with special guest Brian McLaren

New to the UMC?

When we question if we really want to be Christian: Compass 90

Brian McLaren talks about "Do I Stay Christian?" on the Compass podcast.


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Find a Church

You're not the only one looking for connection. Let's find joy together.


Compass Podcast

A Podcast for finding spirituality in the day-to-day

Our podcast is loaded with great tips and inspiration for disrupting your day with something Divine.


Generación in Between

We are from here & somos de allá

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A Fresh Look at Church

Changing the World

Helping Children Process Mass Shootings


Exploring Faith

Practices of faith help build resilience

How faith builds your resilience skills


Innovative Communities



Finding Community

Transforming communities involves close contact in the lives of others.

Community is a contact sport


Asking Questions

We have questions. Do those questions have a place in religion?

Making a commitment to faith in a culture of disbelief


Helping Others

Bridge in Atlanta, GA, neighborhood

DNA of good neighboring


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