Making Connections

You're not the only one with questions about life and faith. We believe the church can be a safe place for processing questions, doubt and life stresses. We're asking questions, too, and are happy to have you join us in the journey of learning.

Through sharing experiences, stories and the spirit of God's love, we're seeking to create community with seekers, doubters, skeptics, and all those who feel like we don't have it all together.

Let's journey together

What is Rethink Church?

 We're here to let you know that you're not alone in asking questions. And we can help you find community. More

Compass Podcast

A Podcast for finding spirituality in the day-to-day

Our podcast is loaded with great tips and inspiration. We're happy to be your discussion buddies while you're distanced from others.


Gathering Online

Find an online service near you

Find-A-Church is the best place to find United Methodist churches offering online worship to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

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Journaling and reflection feed the soul

Spiritual Practices

5 Ways to Feed Your Soul

How goes it with your soul? What kind of answer would you like to have for that question?


New to the UMC?

Faith and Mental Health

Where is your safe place? Have you found a space where you can tell your story? We all have a story to tell, and we should be able to tell our story in a safe sanctuary.


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Finding Community

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Helping Others

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