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Making Connections

What do you think of when you think of church?

You're not the only one with questions We've been asking what exactly church looks like in today's world for quite a while. So we're happy to share in this question-asking journey with you. 

What questions do you have about church, faith, God and life? Explore around and see if there's an article or video that touches on your questions. We're here to let you know that you're not alone, and to help you find community.

Let's find community together.

Gathering Online

Find an online service near you

Find-A-Church is the best place to find United Methodist churches offering online worship to help slow the spread of coronavirus.


Compass Podcast

A Podcast for finding spirituality in the day-to-day

Our podcast is loaded with great tips and inspiration. We're happy to be your discussion buddies while you're distanced from others.


Together, we stand against hate, injustice and racism.

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Advent Photo-a-Day 2020

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Looking for a church

New to the UMC?

Insider guide to finding your right community

5 tips for clarifying your search for a community of faith


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