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What is church? A place to go? A time on Sunday morning? We're looking to reclaim an identity of church--that being a community of people sharing God's love with the world.

We believe that together, with the help of God's love, we can establish meaningful community and share hope with one another. Rethink Church exists to share stories of how that's happening--even now. We're excited for you to become part of our hopeful community, too.

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Rest is a spiritual practice encouraging good health

New to the UMC?

How does faith impact your wellness

Can our spiritual lives and practices impact our mental health?


New to the UMC?

Why Christians care about the environment

Doing harm to the environment means doing harm to humanity.


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You're not the only one looking for connection. Let's find joy together.


Compass Podcast

A Podcast for finding spirituality in the day-to-day

Our podcast is loaded with great tips and inspiration. We're happy to be your discussion buddies while you're distanced from others.


Generación in Between

We are from here & somos de allá

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A Fresh Look at Church

Changing the World

A call to review the history of racism and its effects today

Racism and concerned people of faith


Exploring Faith

This could be a season for a fresh start.

Your chance to start fresh


Innovative Communities

How faith and gaming help us survive the worst of times


Finding Community

Looking for a church

Insider guide to finding your right community


Asking Questions

Doubt can leave us feeling paralyzed

Living with doubt: Compass episode 51


Helping Others

Rethink Church event

Witnessing love


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